1. You fall in love with the city skylines, especially in Sydney

One of my favourite things about living in Sydney is I can visit (for free!) more than ten different spectacular views of the Sydney city skyline and not EVER get sick of it! If anything, it makes me fall in love with Sydney over and over again. Sydney you have won my heart.

2. Sydney is even more beautiful at night


3. We have vegemite, and we love it on toast, especially with cheese (well, I do anyway!)


4. We have the most unique native animals; most of them cannot be found anywhere else in the world


5. Our food is top notch, especially when it’s cooked on the barbeque! (snags on the barbie is a favourite)

Snags on the barbie = sausages on the barbeque.

6. Actually, our desserts are pretty awesome too.

Anyone for some pavlova?
IMG_0721 (1)

7. We are famous for big things

It’s kind of a thing in Australia to have big things. We have hundreds of them right around the country! Big banana, big prawn, big golden guitar; you name it, and we probably have a big thing of it somewhere!

8. We celebrate Christmas during Summer

Yep, no such thing as a Winter wonderland here in Australia. Our Christmases consist of family, friends, beach (or pool!) and sweaty hot days!

9. Our Winter’s aren’t really that cold (although most Australians think they are!)

Australians tend to not understand how cold Winter can actually be. Our Winter by comparison is like a Winter in California or Florida, USA with temperatures still likely to reach a high  of 22 degrees celsius (or more!) and a low of 12 degrees celsius (which I still think is pretty cold!). I think one day I’m going to get a rude shock when I visit Europe in Winter and experience the REAL COLD!
but the greatest thing about an Australian Winter? You can still appreciate a pretty gorgeous beach.

10. Which is why we wear our ugg boots.

You really should get yourself a pair.

11. We have a beautiful culture.

Our native people, the Aboriginals have a beautiful culture with a strong spiritual connection to the land of Australia. The Aboriginal culture tells Dreamtime stories through dance, drama, music and dance of how Australia was born.
One of these many special stories is of ‘The Three Sisters’, located in the Blue Mountains of NSW; a tale of three sisters who were turned into stone by a witch doctor in order to be protected from the war between two tribes. Unfortunately, the spell cast on these three sisters was unable to be reversed, as you can see in the photo below:

12. Melbourne, Victoria was crowned to be the world’s most liveable city two years in a row!

Why wouldn’t you when Melbourne look like this!!

13. The Gold Coast in Queensland is pretty cool too.

Theme parks anyone?

14. We have the most colourful and utterly weird language inclusive of the words “mate” and “G’day!”

Mate = friend, G’day = A friendly way to say hello
Put them together and say “G’day mate!” and you’ll be an honorary Australian!

15. We love our beaches. If you visited a new beach in Australia everyday, it would take you 27 years to visit them all!

It’s true, our beaches are stunning and one of the main attractions for visitors to this most awesome country!

16. Our money is waterproof, and very colourful

I think that’s pretty cool, don’t you?

17. More than 80% of Australians live near the coast, and why wouldn’t you with a coast as beautiful as this?!


18. Wearing thongs is acceptable any time of year, and yes thongs are what you call flip flops.

Thongs are the most comfortable and convenient pair of shoes you will ever buy. Better purchase a pair along with your ugg boots!
IMG_0393 (1)

19. We rock at our air conditioning, which is much needed for those 40 degree days!

Yep, our Summer temperatures get up to 40 degrees celsius and higher!

20. We have the outback.

Probably one of the coolest (I mean, hottest!) things in Australia is being right in the middle of the desert in the outback, an experience very high on my bucket list!

21. When you think you’ve seen it all, you really haven’t. Australia is huge!

Australia is so big that it takes longer to fly from one side to the other (Sydney-Perth) than it is to fly internationally from Sydney-Auckland, New Zealand! Check out this cool post from Buzz feed: “17 Maps of Australia That Will Make Your Mind Boggle”

22. We are the friendliest people you will EVER meet!

Try being Australian and travel the world, won’t take you long before you find a fellow Australian mate or two; Australians love to travel and they love to socialise. The same principle is applied when you are a visitor to Australia, you will find all Australians are super friendly and are proud to call Australia home!

23. Our New Year’s Eve celebrations are pretty legendary

I just recently saw for the first time ever the New Year’s Eve fireworks display in Sydney (and I live in Sydney!) and it was an incredible experience!

24. We place a high value on our mates. It’s called mateship.

You will not find one Australian that does not care about their friends; in Australia we call it mateship. Looking out for your mates and having their back is one of the most important things you can do as an Australian.
Untitled design

25. Australia is home

For many around the world, they have found their second home on our soil, and for the reasons listed above (and many more I haven’t mentioned!), I can see why. No matter where I am in the world, I still call Australia home.
Have you ever visited Australia before? What cities were your favourite? What did you love the most about travelling to Australia?

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