1. Thongs (Flip Flops) are now your favourite form of footwear
2. You still find yourself shortening words, such as "Maccas" "Arvo" "Bottle O"
3. You are still recovering from Goon withdrawals
4. A four hour drive is now nothing to you
5. You've partied on a boat in the Whitsunday Islands
6. You've mastered the art of sleeping on long bus journeys
7. You know that riding a Kangaroo is not a feasible option
8. You are having serious beach withdrawals
9. You will never undermine the importance of sunscreen... EVER again!
10. You know that Koalas are actually very scary and dangerous creatures
11. You're an expert at Beer Pong (or Goon Pong)
12. You've been in a wet t shirt competition
13. You've ticked off at least 5 more items on your Bucket List
stradbroke island por onde for
14. You know that Drop Bears are not actually real (or are they?)
15. You still find yourself unexpectedly responding to friends with phrases such as "no worries," "no dramas" and "too easy"
16. You are scheming ways to move to Australia and live their FOREVER
17. Jager bombs? You've got this!
18. You've got Facebook friends from all kinds of nationalities
19. You have at least one item of clothing purchased from Cotton On
20. You have a selfie in front of the Sydney Opera House
21. Your dignity levels are at an all time low
22. The day that you discovered $4.95 Dominos is still the best day of your life
23. You'll never be able to enjoy pot noodles again
24. You've encountered at least 10 different animals that have the potential to kill you
25. You miss a good beach bonfire
fraser island jessica kimber
26. You learnt to dig your own toilet on Fraser Island
27. Your friends at home are still shocked every time you ask strangers "How ya going?"
28. You've become accustomed to sharing a room with at least 3 other people
29. You know how to fancy dress on a budget
30. You are now an "expert" at surfing
31. Your Instagram account is nothing less than amazing
32. You're still experiencing serious Tim Tam withdrawals
33. And subway withdrawals
34. And Dominos...
35. And Avocados...
36. Did we mention goon?
37. You've attempted a "Barbie" a number of time but it's just not the same
38. You're now a 'toughened' worker after completing 80 days of intense farm work
39. You've looked into sponsorship and de facto option so that you can move back to Australia and live there forever because you truly believe (despite the bogans) that is the best country in the world to live in

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