Your VISA expires, you ran out of money or you just miss your mum, it could be that you are leaving in a couple of weeks. Before you leave you have to make sure that you completed your Australian bucket list. The must do's before you leave, and that you should tick off your Australia bucket list, are:
See the Great Barrier Reef
Dive, snorkel or do a boat trip on the The Great Barrier Reef which runs for more than 2300km along the north east coast of Queensland from Bundaberg in the south to the tip of Cape York in the north. It is the largest natural feature on earth and can be seen from space.
Go to the Whitsunday Islands
If you are considering where to go to do your Great Barrier Reef snorkel or dive, you should think about going to the Whitsundays. The 74 Whitsunday Islands, or 102 depending on whether or not you wish to include some rocks here and there, are featured in just about every Tourism Australia campaign. The Whitsundays offers you idyllic beaches, bright blue waters and an overwhelming sense of calm and relaxation.
flight zone hang gliding
Do a Skydive or Hang Glide
A lot of places in Australia offer you the opportunity to do a skydive or Hang Glide. Mission Beach in particular has one of the best landing sites for skydiving, as well as being a great place for white water rafting.
Go to Fraser Island
Every East Coast Adventure should include seeing the World Heritage and largest Sand Island in the world... FRASER ISLAND! There are over 100 freshwater lakes, featuring freshwater turtles, Lake McKenzie - featuring amazing clear water and over 200 species of birds living in the amazing environment as well as coloured sand cliffs with over 72 colours. 
Visit Byron Bay
Byron Bay is THE surf spot on the East Coast. With its relaxed and laidback attitude you will definitely enjoy it!
See the Opera House and Sydney
Almost every person in the world knows the Sydney Opera House. When you are going to see the Opera House you can enjoy the big city of Sydney as well. 
Travel the West Coast
Most common is to travel the East Coast, but if you really like adventure: rent a car or a camper and travel the West Coast. You will see nature that you have never seen before! Start your adventure in Perth and then travel towards Broome and beyond.
The Outback
The Outback might be a bit expensive, if you have done the West and East coast, but it's as if you are in a different part of the world. Animals which you will definitely see in The Outback are: kangaroos, emus, cockatoos, corellas, camels and dingos. 

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