I've already done 3 skydives and all I can say is “DO IT”. The feeling you get when jumping out of a plane is absolutely unbelievable, the views you get amazing, and when you're back down on the ground, you just get the most amazing feeling of pride (and also a bit of appreciation that you're still alive!)
Seriously skydiving is an amazing thing to do and something you can't experience every day (unless somehow you manage to skydive every day of your life). To calm everyone down: it's not even that scary (and a bit of fear is just a part of skydiving!) I stood on a Bungy Platform and didn't jump because I was too scared but 3 days later I was sitting in a plane that I was jumping out of at a height of 14,000ft. It's just different!
Because of the big height you won't get the feeling of crashing onto the ground that you get when your bungying. It just feels like you're flying! Skydiving to me is a mix of an adrenaline kick and an amazing countryside viewing option. It's beautiful to see the world from the sky, believe me...
There are many places perfect for skydiving Australia, but how do you choose? Well I hope this will help you decide.
  • Cairns: - Skydive over the city of Cairns with the views of the Great Barrier reef and Rainforest on either side and land in Edmonton around the suger cane farms.
  • Mission Beach: - See the amazing Great Barrier Reef from high up, with Dunk Island & Hinchinbrook island underneath you as you plummet to the ground. With the soft landing of beach sand underneath your toes the Mission Beach skydive is very popular. A full day tour from Cairns.
  • Airlie Beach: - Stunning views of Airlie Beach on one side of you and some of the beautiful 74 islands that are the Whitsundays on the other.
  • Hervey Bay: - Skydive with the magnificent Fraser Island as your back drop
  • Rainbow Beach: - Once again Fraser Island is your back drop and the famous sandy beaches of Rainbow beach
New South Wales:
  • Byron Bay: - Skydive over the superb beaches and subtropical countryside that is famous in Byron Bay. The panoramic views you will see are ocean and forest.
  • Coffs Harbour: - Fall towards the world famous marine park and land on the pristine beaches of Coffs Harbour
  • Wollongong: - Skydive where the mountains meet the sea. Ocean views on one side, the mountain ranges on the other
  • Canberra: SkyDive over Australias Capital city.
  • Melbourne: See the famous Yarra Valley from above
Western Australia
  • Perth:  Views of the Ush Avon Valley, Perth City & all the way to Rottnest Island
  • Broome: Amazing views of the famous Cable beach of Broome
As you can see there are many different cities, towns, states and backdrops that you can choose to have as your skydiving Australia adventure. Don't forget to grab a DVD or Photos of this just so you can prove to all your friends back home you did it. So everyone, face your fears and go skydiving. I promise you: you won't regret it, Ever!!

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