Did you know that Australia is the sixth largest country in the world? The Kimberley region in Westen Australia alone is three times the size of England and Australia's largest property is the same size of Belgium. Yep that's right... there is an Aussie farmer out there that owns a peice of land the same size as an entire country! Because the nation is SO BIG, Australia's landscape is very diverse, allowing you to stroll upon the white sands of an untouched beach one day, and making your way through the eerily red sands of the desert the next. Yes that's right - Australia is one of the strangest places on Earth!
Here is how the Great Barrier Reef compares to the size of Europe. Did you know that it is the size of 70 million football fields?
map of great barrier reef australia strangest places on earth
Source: thetruesize.com
Uluru is the largest monolith in the world and is taller than the Eiffel Tower - one of the many reasons to explore Australia's Outback!
uluru australia one of the strangest places on earth
One word. Vegemite. Australia is well known for it strange (and sometimes inedible) Aussie Foods.
vegemite chocolate why australia is the strangest place on earth
Whitehaven Beach on the Whitsunday Islands has sand so pure that you can clean your teeth and jewellery with it! There are many different ways to experience the Whitsunday Islands from the town of Airlie Beach (the gateway to the islands), including party boats, easy sailing tours, catamaran sailing trips, luxury island stays, scenic flights over the area, adrenalin filled ocean rafting tours, scuba diving trips and even a Skydive!
whitehaven beach whitsundays
Australians are the only people in the world that actually EAT their national emblem... although Kangaroo provides more protein than a piece of Steak. Learn more about Australia's strange (and sometimes scary) animals here!
kangaroo australia
It is home to world's largest sand island, Fraser Island, which is roaming with Dingos. The only way to explore the gigantic island is by a 4WD so organising a tour is usually the cheapest and easiest way to go. You can choose from 3 Day Tag-along tours, overnight tag-along tours or guided tours. Check out our Fraser Island 4WD trips.
indian head fraser island australia
And seriously... what other country on the planet would have the balls to refer to their national footwear as a pair of 'Thongs?'
flip flops thongs australia
And what's with the Aussie language? G'Day, Barbie, Bathers, No Worries, Maccas, Arvo, Heaps, Bottle O, Sickie...
Australians have a very strange obsession with BIG things. Yeah we know... it's weird and you will find these BIG things everywhere.
big lobster australia
And did you know that Australia has quite a few Pink Lakes?
pink lake australia
And Goon AKA 'The Silver Pillow'? But hey... we aren't complaining!
hangover goon hostel
Only 2% of Australia's population lives in this yellow section... which leaves a VERY large part of the country basically deserted.
Map of Australia's population
Source: buzzfeed.com
And even though most Aussies live by the coast, as there are over 11,000 Beaches in Australia you can always find one to enjoy for your very self. Australia... WE LOVE YOU! Don't believe us? These Instagram photos prove that Australia's beaches are paradise!
royal national park australia

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