Sitting at home watching Oprah in my lunch break today and an Aussie guy came on. To my shock they actually subtitled him! SUBTITLED! He was the CEO of a major company in Melbourne - the middle of the city for crying out loud and they SUBTITLED him!
Can you tell I'm still shell shocked?!
But it did get me thinking, we're in the land down under and even though we speak something fairly close to English I wonder how many of our foreign friends actually know what the bloody hell it is we're rabbiting on about. And further more, how many of you would subtitle an Aussie movie should you watch one. And better yet, which of our home grown movies were the best?
Here's a few of the best Australian movies that I've thought of:
Babe (1995)
Ok, yes it is a kids movie about a talking pig which is why it is so freakin' awesome!!! Similar to an Aussie version of Charlotte Web except the only thing in common really is a talking pig that is rather polite. :) Favourite Quote - "La la la" when Babe the talking pig tries to sing jingle bells. You'll know it when you see it- very cute and funny!
Crocodile Dundee (1986)
The classic Australian movie! However despite the common belief, Australians do not live like Mick Dundee. Sorry. Favourite Quote - "Thats not a knife, this is a knife!" this line was later spoofed by The Simpson's, you know you've made it when The Simpson's spoof you! ;)
Mad Max (1979)
Before Mel Gibson was secretly recorded, he actually got paid big bucks to insult and threaten people - hell it just makes for good watching! Mad Max (Mel) is a cop looking for revenge, damn good flick! Favourite Quote "That scag and his floozie, they're gonna die!"
Muriel's wedding (1994)
Check out Muriel's dysfunctional family, seriously makes my family look sane!! Really funny movie about (who would have guessed) Muriel and her up coming wedding! Favourite Quote - "You're Terrible Muriel!" You will still to this day hear Aussies all over drop this line everywhere! Normally in a high nasal pitch.
Picnic at Hanging Rock (1967)
A brilliantly haunting movie, if you haven't seen this then run out and get it. About a pack of school girls who head out for a picnic and a load of freaky crap goes on. Favourite Quote - "Miranda knows lots of things other people don't know. Secrets. She knew she wouldn't come back."
Priscilla, Queen Of The Desert (1994)
Guys dressed as girls running around in the middle of the Aussie outback around Ayres Rock, what's not to love!! Funny funny funny movie! Favourite quote: "That's just what this country needs: a cock in a frock on a rock." (Oh P.S if you're easily offended don't watch this movie. But you're totally missing out!)
Romperstomper (1992)
Russel Crow, skinheads and a lot of aggression! Not one for the kids!! Favourite Quote - "Any parties happening in this sh-shitty town?"
Shine (1996)
Geoffrey Rush (from Pirates of the Caribbean) is Pianist David Helfgott in this true story about life, love and music. Favourite Quote - "Your first concert in years and you wear odd shoes."
Wolf Creek (2005)
Yes I know its in bad taste to work in a hostel and the backpacking industry in general and bring up Wolf Creek but it really was a bloody (no pun intended!) brilliant movie. In fact I was living in a hostel in Brisbane when I saw it and yes it scared the crap out of me then too! Maybe wait until you're finished with the great Aussie Outback (Uluru and all that) before you flick it on hey? Favourite Quote - not really a quote but the killers laugh sends chills down my spin. *Shiver*
Rabbit-Proof Fence (2002)
A very full on movie about three Aboriginal girls who are kidnapped by the government and trek through the Outback trying to get home. Favourite Quote: "See that bird? That's the spirit bird. He will always look after you."
And of course one of my favourite Australian movies EVER!
Little fish, big pond and all that. Nemo is an only fish after his mum along with his other siblings are attacked in a slaughter leaving only him and his now very over protective dad. Sounds just like a kids movie right?!! Well Nemo the little dare devil clown fish yearns to explore the big bad ocean only to end up in trouble wishing he'd listened to his poor old dad. But he does meet some wicked people along the way and his dad meets the lovable Dory voiced by Ellen DeGeneres!
Favourite Quotes (cos there is a few!):
"To the top of Mount Wanna-hock-a-loogie"
"I shall call him Squishy and he shall be mine and he shall be my Squishy. Come on, Squishy Come on, little Squishy. [baby talk, the jellyfish stings her] Ow. Bad Squishy, bad Squishy."
"Uhhh... the sea monkeys have my money... yes, I'm a natural blue..."
"[gasp] He touched the butt"
God I could go on forever! Just rent it and check it out yourself!! And don't forget most DVD rental stores have "Cheap Tuesday" where all of the DVD's are much cheaper, normally around $2!
Happy viewing!

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