Just like the Top 5 best value activities in New Zealand finding the best value activities in Australia is tough as there is just so much to do and explore. The country is so large and every backpacker is so different that compiling a list of the top best value activities is not easy. However, it is still possible to make the most of your budget and still experience everything you really fancy doing in Australia and here are my Top 5 best value activities in Australia for backpackers.
sydney aquarium
1. Sydney Sightseeing pass
The 5 in 1 Sydney Sightseeing pass allows you to visit 5 different Sydney sites from a pretty long list over a period of 3 months so if you are sticking around Sydney for a while, or returning within 3 months then this pass is the best value. For $100 you get to choose five activities from a list including, museums, Sydney Aquarium, Sydney Skywalk, jetboating and trips to the Blue Mountains.
2. Cairns Dive Liveaboard 3 Day Outer Reef Trip
This is for those who really want to make the most of scuba diving whilst in Australia and is the best value for money even though it seems costly. For $650 you spend 3 days/2 nights living on board a seriously nice ship on the outer reef (where there aren't hundreds of other people) in comfortable and clean accommodation with all your meals included (and it's top notch food). Included in the price is your insurance and 11 dives including 2 night dives so when you think about it it's an awesomely good value trip for those keen on diving.
quokka family rottnest
3. Rottnest Island, Perth
$60 return ferry trip to Rottnest Island from Perth is well worth the money to experience the idyllic Rottnest Island and its 63 beaches and bays. There are plenty of beaches in Australia but Rottnest Island just has that special something about it that makes any trip here multiple times better than any other trip to the beach. Rottnest Island is like a glamourous trip to the seaside but for not that much more money.
4. Grasshoppers Nimbin Tour from Byron Bay
This a very well spent $45 dollars especially on some of the tours with all the added extras thrown in, like free BBQ lunches and weekly dinner vouchers for Cheeky Monkeys. A visit to Nimbin is like a visit to another world, a world that really cannot be recreated anywhere else. There is a reason why everyone makes a point of taking a visit to Nimbin.
5. Visit Phillip Island
A day trip will set you back around $100 which is a lot to spend in one day for many but a visit to Phillip Island will check off the list a few of those must-see things in Australia, including Koala's at the Koala Conservation Centre, Australia's largest fur seal colony and the infamous little penguins. Add to that plenty of birdlife, beaches and history and for nature lovers this is good value. Phillip Island is one of those unique places in the world that you won't forget visiting and so is definitely one of the Top 5 best value activities in Australia.
melbourne phillip island, penguins
It doesn't matter where you are in Australia or what your time limit is for travelling within Australia, hopefully you will be able to benefit from one of these good value activities during your visit to Australia.

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