Australia has a huge export industry, and Australian products can be found all over the world. Coal, meat and dairy may all be very profitable Australian exports but they aren't the ones that get the most attention.
Here is a list of the Top Ten best and most famous Australian Exports which probably includes a few surprises for most us.
1 Vegemite. For such a rank tasting product it doesn't half get a lot of attention. I even travelled through South America with a girl who brought a pot of it with her. Vegemite and Australia are like New Zealand and fish and chips. Now I don't touch the stuff so I don't think I can comment but apparently Vegemite is a distinct copy of the British version Marmite (which even has an advertising campaign based around people either love it or hate it).
2 Latex Gloves. Who'd have guessed that Australia was the first nation to produce latex gloves? Latex gloves are used the world over for both professional and personal use. The world could not function quite the same without them.
3 Ugg Boots. Possibly the most amazing shoes ever made. Evidenced by the mass production of cheap knock-offs throughout the entire world. Everyone should own a pair of uggs, even guys. That amount of luxurious comfort should not be missed by anyone, they make great slippers.
4 Kylie Minogue. You don't have to like her music but who honestly doesn't like Kylie. She's beautiful, stylish and cool and is a lovely little symbol of Australia.
5 Fosters. Possibly the most random of all Australian exports because its branded as the ultimate Australian product but nowhere in Australia would you be seen dead drinking it, that is if you manage to find any. What I find hard to understand is that if you are ashamed of a product you export why attach your nation to it - pretend it's from somewhere else.
australian exports Ramsay St
6 Neighbours. Everybody needs good Neighbours. Neighbours is an Australian institution and especially if you're British Neighbours is Australia. Personally I haven't spoken to my Neighbours in England once in the last 15 years so Ramsey Street, where you never need to go anywhere else (not even in to Melbourne) is like a fantasy land.
7 Hugh Jackman. The most incredible body the world has ever seen. Thank you Australia.
8 The Combine Harvester. I thought this was British. Well Australia invented and sold to the world a machine that even today we can't live without. The only slight criticism I have is that this machine inspired The Wurzels to attempt to sing "I've got a brand new combine harvester" in 1976. Amazingly, the song got to number one in the British charts.
9 Walkabout. For anyone who has ever been a student in the UK you know exactly what I am talking about. For those that haven't Walkabout is an Australian branded bar that has laid roots in every city in the UK. The bars combine yellow and green decor and snakebite sundays to give its customers that all round Australian experience. You haven't lived if you can remember a night in a Walkabout bar.
australian exports - tim tams
10 TimTams. Becoming more and more popular and surfacing in more and more supermarkets, TimTams are officially tastier than the penguin biscuit. So much chocolate goodness and you must ask an Australian what the Tim Tam Slam is. This Australian product is an export to keep an eye out for.
Make sure you check out this article about 'Typical Australian food you should try' which includes details about the Tim Tam Slam and describes what Vegemite actually tastes like! Read it here.
I hope this list is a fair compilation of some of Australia's best exports. If there are any suggestions of any other best Australian exports please don't hesitate to make them known.
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