Western Australia is raved about and is arguably the Australian state to beat all other states, but not everybody has the time or money to visit. The largest Australian state, Western Australia is a little bit like its own country and often talked about as separate to the rest of Australia. Whilst the East Coast, Red Centre and Great Ocean Road provide visitors with enough sites and attractions to keep them going for months or years, Western Australia has it all too but with its own unique twist.
The vibe Western Australia gives out is that of a retired surfer who still likes to turn the fun on and has always been a bit of an outsider. Simply put the place is relaxed but always ready for a good time and couldn't really care what anybody else thinks of it.
However, it doesn't matter how many times someone says that you must visit Western Australia it all comes down to getting there whether it be time or cash. Having said that there is nothing wrong with pointing out a few (and I mean a few, there are far too many to mention) Western Australia highlights in an attempt to persuade you over to the West Coast. Here are 10 reasons in no particular order!
wa quokka family rottnest
1. Quokkas on Rottnest Island - Quokkas aren't just a seriously high score in scrabble they are endemic to Australia and look a bit like a mini kangaroo crossed with a gerbil. Only really found on Rottnest Island off the Perth Coast, if you want to really get to know all of Australia's wildlife, you have to head to Western Australia.
2. Margaret River - Margaret River in the South West of the state is a special place thanks to a large number of vineyards and with vineyards inevitably you get wine. Unless you are in a programme that involves a certain number of steps you need to visit Margaret River and taste the grapes of Australian Wine. It is also much cheaper to try the wine where it is made than buying it from a supermarket or even looking for it when you arrive back in your home country.
If you aren't into wine but you like surfing, Surfers Point on the Margaret River is a popular and well-known surf spot. If you like wine and surfing you might want to look into some real estate there.
3. Broome - Just the place in general is amazing. Cable Beach is known as one of the most sensational beaches in Australia, the sunsets are known as some of the best in the world turning the whole of Broome into a deep red boudoir, and the colour of the ocean is unlike anything else you will see in Australia. One word, Broome.
4. Fremantle Prison - Channel some Dark Tourism and check out the Fremantle Prison, it is actually pretty good. There are different tours you can do and all are reasonably priced, you can even get really into it and take part in a torchlight tour.
5. Burringurrah - also known as Mt Augustus, this is the largest rock in the World and yes it is bigger than Uluru yet we never hear much about it.
6. Karijini National Park - this place will have you occupied for days on end, this National Park is a wilderness wonderland. You will not tire of the red rock cliffs and gorges, the pools, waterfalls, walks, peace and quiet.
ningaloo reef whaleshark
7. Whale Sharks at Ningaloo Reef - The West Coasts answer to the Great Barrier Reef. Whereas the Great Barrier Reef is larger, what you come across whilst diving or snorkelling Ningaloo Reef is bigger than its East Coast rival. The fish here are huge but the main attraction of the Ningaloo Reef is the migration of Whale Sharks to the area between March and July roughly and the ability to swim amongst them. They are vegetarian so there is no excuse really not to get in for a swim.
8. Mt Bruce - Found in Karijini National Park the climb up Mt Bruce is hard work yet exceptional. The 2nd highest peak in Western Australia with a climb of 1, 235m this is how you get the views.
9. Esperance - located on the South of Western Australia Esperance has that typical southern quirkiness about it, something to do with too much sea air, who knows. However this place rocks. It has everything including two iconic self drive road trips through coast or country as well as 'the whitest beach in Australia', Lucky Bay in the equally stunning Cape Le Grand National Park. It is absolutely no wonder that they call this part of Australia the 'secret south'.
10. Lots of cool in-betweeny things. - Whether they be pubs, people or sites, Western Australia is massive and sparce so between each destination is something quirky, fun and waiting to be found, like the Pinnacles! It's a dream if you just want to hit the road and explore.
10 reasons to visit Western Australia isn't nearly enough but they are great reasons, just bite the bullet and make your way to this incredible part of the world, you really will not regret it.

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